Monthly Subscription Box

$37.95 Monthly

    Sparimo Monthly Box How To
    Am I guaranteed to receive the products I select?

    Yes and No. We guarantee you will receive a minimum of 4 of the 7 products you select. We are always adding new products and removing old, unwanted, or seasonal products. If we are unable to fulfill the complete box (all 7 products you select) we will try match with a similar product. (example: you select a fruity lotion. We are currently out of stock. We will try to replace with a similar fruity lotion.)

    What products are included in the monthly box?

    Every product we sell in the store can be included in your monthly box. Price does not matter! The category breakdown is as follows

    • Product 1 – Bath Bomb
    • Product 2 – Bath Bomb
    • Product 3 – Bath Bomb
    • Product 4 and 5 – Soap
    • Product 6 – Any product besides Bath Bomb or Soap
    • Product 7 – Any product besides Bath Bomb or Soap
    Can I cancel my subscription anytime? How?

    Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription by logging into “my account”. Click on the “subscription” tab and click on the specific subscription you would like to cancel. Click the “cancel” button.

    When will my monthly box ship?

    After each order is complete, boxes are shipped within 3 business days, if not sooner. We ship all monthly boxes via USPS Priority Mail. You can track your packages in “My Account” in the “order” section.

    It says I get 7 products per box, why do I only get to choose 6?

    Each monthly box will include 2 bars of soap. You will receive 2 of the same type of soap bar. In total you will still receive 7 total products.

    What is included in the monthly box?

    Each box comes with 7 total products. You get to choose your preferences as to what is in your box based on product categories. Each box will consist of 3 bath bombs, 2 bars of soap, and 2 products of your liking (bubble bars, bath salts, lotions, scrubs, ext) that are not either bath bombs or soaps.